The Top of the D’s Quickfire Questions: David Kettle.

It’s time for another insight into the minds of some of the English Hockey League’s top stars, with another installment of The Top of the D’s quickfire questions. After East Grinstead’s Iain Lewers and Surbiton’s Chris Grassick it is now the turn of Surbiton’s Welsh international goalkeeper David Kettle. 

kettleThe Top of the D: What is your biggest achievement?

David Kettle: When I was East Grinstead we won the indoor championships. It was great to be a part of that squad. I’d not really played much indoor before I came to EG so to be in that squad was amazing. Also my first senior cap for Wales against New Zealand was a great experience and a moment I’m very proud of.

The Top of the D: What is your prized possession?

David Kettle: Until about a week ago it was my Dragon Onesie. Someone stole it, though.

The Top of the D: Who is your celebrity crush?

David Kettle: Lucy Watson.

The Top of the D: Which three people, past or present would you invite to a dinner party?

David Kettle: Lucy Watson, Nelson Mandela and Geoff McCabe (Surbiton player.) Geoff’s pretty good fun.

The Top of the D: Who is the best player you’ve ever played with or against?NOW: Pensions Men's Hockey League Finals Weekend

David Kettle: Mark Pearn is pretty special. He’s player who whenever you play against him you’re worried about him getting the ball in the D. So it’d be him.

The Top of the D: What is your hidden talent?

David Kettle: I’m not sure. Best to leave that one!

The Top of the D: If you were on a game show, and needed a phone-a-friend from someone in the hockey world, who would it be?

NOW: Pensions Men's Hockey League Finals WeekendDavid Kettle: Nick Parkes, he’s a Cambridge Graduate so he knows a thing or two.

The Top of the D: Why do you love hockey?

David Kettle: I enjoy the camaraderie and the social side. Being a bunch of mates all in it together is great.

 The Top of the D would like to thank David Kettle for his time and good humour in answering the quickfire questions.

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