Welcome to The Top of the D.

Welcome to the Top of the D: A specialist hockey blog.

I have played hockey for a long time, almost half my life. I have, for the duration of that time been disappointed with the lack of coverage the sport receives. Now, with the likes of Push, Talk Hockey Radio, and of course the wonderful A View From the East things are better than they’ve ever been, but still there is room for improvement. So, I decided to set up the Top of the D.

The Top of the D focuses on hockey in this country and abroad as much as possible. I try to bring you a mixture of interviews, features and analysis. Whether you are a seasoned hockey player, a fan or completely new to the sport there will be something for you.

So, enjoy the articles, leave some feedback on the comments section, follow me on Twitter @TheTopoftheD, or email rossjwbone@gmail.com.