About the Author.

I am Ross Bone also known as The Top of the D and I’m a self-confessed hockey fanatic. A player and a massive hockey fan, I started writing this blog back in 2012 in the lead up to the London Olympics. I never really expected anyone other than my Mum and the occasional friend to read it so was pleasantly surprised at how popular it became.

The increased exposure from The Top of the D led to a number of other writing opportunities within the hockey world for me. I worked as one of the Guardian’s Network of Experts during the London Olympics, became a regular columnist in Push Hockey Magazine (RIP), contributed to the Telegraph’s online hockey coverage and then, in 2014 I took up a position in the communications team at England Hockey. Whilst there I covered every hockey tournament England and Great Britain took part in, including the Rio Olympics, where of course, Danny Kerry’s side won gold. I was fortunate enough to work with some of my favourite players and for almost 3 years, I lived the dream!

With career progression on my mind in February 2017 I took the difficult decision to leave behind the world of hockey and moved to a fan engagement agency called InCrowd working across a multitude of sports.

My love for hockey hasn’t be diminished by the move and I still play regularly, still Tweet regularly and still watch every game I possibly can.

More often than not, you’ll find me in the vicinity of a hockey pitch. I’m always keen to talk hockey, so if you see me, come and say hello!