About the Author.

I, Ross Bone am a hockey player and a wannabe writer. Sadly, neither of these things are my full time job.

Despite this, I still find time to play hockey at the weekends and to write articles whilst holding down a full time job as a Marketing Manager in the financial services industry.

I started my hockey career at Old Bordenian Hockey Club in Kent, before moving to Sussex for University in 2000. There, I played in BUSA for my University side, captaining them in the 2nd year. I also begun playing at Lewes Hockey Club at weekends. I have spent a long time at Lewes’ Southdown Club making a handful of National League appearances and having spells as Club Captain and 2nd XI captain. I also coached the Men’s 2nd XI and acted as assistant coach and manager to the Men’s 1st XI whilst recovering from a knee operation.

The increased exposure from The Top of the D has led to a number of other writing opportunities within the hockey world for me. I worked as one of the Guardian’s Network of Experts during the London Olympics, have become a regular columnist in Push Hockey Magazine, taken the responsibility for a number of articles for England Hockey, including their weekly featured match reviews and lately have begun to contribute to the Telegraph’s online hockey coverage.

More often than not, you’ll find me in the vicinity of a hockey pitch. I’m always keen to talk hockey, so if you see me, come and say hello!