Hannah Martin: Writing her own headlines.

England star Hannah Martin has a famous hockey-playing brother. If you’ve read or seen any interviews with her since she made her international debut you’re probably very aware of that fact already. Unquestionably brother Harry’s achievements are extremely impressive but now with her selection for a second consecutive tournament confirmed it’s time to talk about the 22-year-old and her achievements in their own right. So, I conducted an interview with no questions whatsoever that refer to her hockey-playing sibling. Enjoy!

The Top of the D: Congratulations on your selection for the European Championships. How are you feeling about the tournament?

Hannah Martin: I’m excited to get out there and get out onto the pitch with the girls. I can’t wait to pull on an England shirt again, there’s no greater honour than representing your country.

TTOTD: You’ve played at every age group level for England, what’s the step up to senior international hockey been like?

HM: The step up from the U21s has been massive. The intensity we train at, the quality of players and the high standards they demand make it tough but very special. It took me some time to get accustomed to that but I’m enjoying myself and learning so much.


TTOTD: Presumably the fact that there are a lot of University of Birmingham players involved must have eased the transition a little though?

HM: <laughs> That’s true. Birmingham is quite well represented so I knew a few of the team already. All the girls are great though, we all get on well and it’s been nice settling into the squad.


TTOTD: What’s it been like training and playing with players who might have been your heroes growing up?

HM: It’s been amazing playing with players I’ve looked up to during my career. The amazing thing about them is they don’t act like they’re anything special. They include you and make sure you feel part of the group and it makes the team ethos amazing.

TTOTD: You’ve made your debut and scored your first international goal in the past few months, what did that feel like?

HM: My debut was so special when it came. I was overwhelmed by the occasion because it was something I’d dreamed about as a young girl. The first goal was unbelievable. The crowd at Lee Valley are just extraordinary. They get behind you and give you something extra. I was in the right place at the right time but it felt amazing when that crowd roared after the ball hit the net.

20170610SP3_74467189 - Copy (2)

TTOTD: You mention the home crowd in London. With the rivalry with the Dutch are you prepared for a less than friendly reception at the Euros?

HM: Obviously, the crowd out there won’t be on our side but you must block out the external distractions and do your job. If we do that we’ll be successful.

TTOTD: What do you hope to bring to the side at the tournament?

HM: I’ll try and be an impact player on the ball and get forwards. I always try to make things happen and create something. It doesn’t always work but I work hard and try to do my job for the team.


TTOTD: Do you think you can retain the title?

HM: We’ve got a tricky pool. All the matches will be tough but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I hope we can retain the title. When we play our best hockey we’re an exciting side and a side who can do some damage. If we execute our plans and play to our potential, who knows what could happen?

With Martin’s mesmeric skills, her pace and ability to find the net she will be hoping to make an impression as her side seek to retain their European title. You can bet it won’t be long before she’s writing her own headlines throughout what could be a stellar international career.

The Top of the D would like to thank Hannah Martin for her time and good humour in conducting this interview and wish her the best of luck in Amsterdam.

Photos courtesy of Simon Parker (SP Action Images.)

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  1. That is a chuffing marvelous goal.


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