Guess who’s back?

Today I am delighted to announce that for the duration of the Rabo EuroHockey Championships in Amsterdam, The Top of the D will be making a return.

After a break of the best part of three years, the pull of my two great loves; hockey and writing, has proved to be too much and I will be making the trip to Amsterdam to follow and document the fortunes of the two England teams.

In a piece of even more exciting news, I am delighted to announce that I will be working in partnership with Galvanised Media who will be putting their considerable talents to fantastic use and helping me to provide some video content alongside my usual written work.


Photo courtesy of Ady Kerry

My main focus will be to bring you all the best news and views from the two England camps as well as a few familiar faces from other teams as and when time allows.

I will of course be active on Instagram and Twitter throughout the tournament as well, so be sure to follow @TheTopoftheD and if you see me out in the Netherlands please come and say hello!

My thanks to Siobhan Madeley at the EHF for allowing me accreditation and to Tom Herring at Galvanised for agreeing to help me bring my work into the digital age.

It’s great to be back!


About thetopofthed

Columnist for The Hockey Paper and the man behind The Top of the D. Writer, podcaster, goalkeeper and BBC Sport man. Used to work for Great Britain Hockey and have covered the sport at every major tournament.
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6 Responses to Guess who’s back?

  1. Nick Reid says:

    Great news, I shall look forward to your articles. What are the chances of getting a Danny Kerry interview? Would be nice to hear how he’s getting on.

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  2. Geoff Wheeldon says:

    Great to have you back Ross

    Liked by 1 person

  3. James Ross says:

    Whoop!! Great to have you back Ross, the start of another long period of Hockey journalism?

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  4. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

    Just make sure you refrain from scratching your arse when talking the to The Mighty Danson.

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    • thetopofthed says:

      Thank you. Always nice to get a comment from you!

      For clarity I think you will find that I am getting my notes out of my pocket in that photo. Not doing what you suggest I was. 🙂


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