World Cup 2014 Men’s Final: Quote, Unquote.

A wonderful World Cup draws to a close with Australia producing a stunning display to win the final 6-1. Quotes from a few people and the last word, as it should be, from Ric Charlesworth. 

Paul Van Ass, Netherlands:
The boys are very down. We expected more from ourselves and we didn’t get it. We agree they were better than us today but it will still take some time to recover.

2-1 quickly became 3-1 and that changed the game. We tried hard but couldn’t execute our plan. They had 6 corners and scored 4. We had 5 corners and scored 0. That tells you a story.

The plan we had was the right one, but the execution of it was not. That is the story for us today. We failed to carry out our plans and that is why they beat us.

Chris Ciriello, Australia:
It feels pretty good, it hasn’t really sunk in. The way Ric gets us to play whatever’s behind you is behind you. We concentrate minute by minute so hopefully it’ll sink in later tonight.

As a team we were great. Scoring goals is always nice but I need the other guys to help me do that. I’ll take the goals any day, don’t get me wrong but it’s a team effort.

You never know which corners Ric will call. I felt good but we have two other top class guys on corners so I was just grateful he let me have a go. You never know with Ric though, you’re more nervous about the call than the corner!

We played games in India and silenced 30,000 fans there. It’s good to quiet the crowd down sometimes but ultimately you’ll take any win whatever happens.

We’ll celebrate tonight. I don’t drink beer, but I’m sure I’ll find a scotch or two tonight.

Glenn Turner, Australia:
It hasn’t sunk in yet but when we think of all the effort we’ve put in over the past year all the training, all the video, all the hill sprints running, it all paid off. Relieved and feeling awesome.

It was interesting the score. They have one of the best keepers and one of the best defences in the world we always thought we could put them under pressure and get the result so to score the goals was amazing.

It helps when someone like Chris is on fire but it’s great to see. The goals he scored were really important, no doubt.

The crowd were awesome. They congratulated us and gave us a really great send off when we walked round the pitch. Holland is an amazing place to be to play hockey and they play their part in that.
We’re off for one or two beers tonight. Should be good!

Ric Charlesworth, Australia:
You dream about winning the World Cup final by a big score, I’ve dreamt it many times, I always thought it was possible and today we did it. I’m very proud of the team. Our aim is always to dominate opponents and to defend well and attack well and we did those things today. We fell behind but we just kept playing. We believed that we could overcome anything. That’s what happened in the end thankfully.

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Columnist for The Hockey Paper and the man behind The Top of the D. Writer, podcaster, goalkeeper and BBC Sport man. Used to work for Great Britain Hockey and have covered the sport at every major tournament.
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