World Cup 2014: Day 9 Quote, Unquote.

The Orange Machine rolls on in the women’s competition and a historic day for England’s men. Find out who said what on day nine of the Hockey World Cup. 

Edwina Bone, Australia:
We planned to put them under pressure, keep it tight at the back and try to hit them on the break. We played with plenty of aggression but we weren’t able to force a goal. Normally we’d back our forwards to come up with the goals we need but today it wasn’t our day.”

Tim Deavin, Australia: India are playing well so it was important to get those goals early. We saw Mark Knowles go down so I hope he’s ok.
We’ve picked up some niggles. India are a tough team so we were right to be cautious with players. We’re looking forward to the semi-finals now. It should be Argentina or Germany so it’ll be a great game.

Santi Freixa, Spain:
The aim when we lost to Belgium was to finish as high as we can but to do it playing good hockey. We took control of the game today and we are happy to get the win. We are looking forward to the next games. Should be a good fight. Of course you want to play good hockey but when you play against teams of the quality of Australia, Belgium and England you need more. We need to take lessons from this tournament so that in future we can fight for a semi-final place.

Joyce Sombroek, Netherlands.
I’m happy we won and kept a clean sheet. We wanted to show what we can do. It was a tough game and we gave them too many chances in the second half but we’re pleased.

First few games we defended very well in the last couple we’ve allowed a few more chances but I’m happy I was able to play my part and help the team.

Marc Lammers, Belgium:
It’s a bad result for us. It was a close game and England were very clever with how they used their key players. You have to reach your best levels to beat England and we didn’t do that today. We were unlucky with the lost goal because we thought our player stopped the ball cleanly but we did not have a video referral so that was unlucky for us. The umpire can’t ask for a video referral on those so there was not a lot we could do about it.

Ashley Jackson, England:
We knew this was the game it was going to come down to. The last few times we played them the results have gone against us so we knew it was all about the result today and we’re really pleased to get it.
We’ve shown bar one game, which we’re annoyed about it was all going to come down to today. We don’t concede many goals and we managed to win some corners and things started to go for us, so we’re very happy.
I trust Iain Lewers with my life, so I backed him to score.

George Pinner, England:
It means the world to us. It means the world partly because my girlfriend could only get tickets for the semi-final and final, so if we hadn’t made it I’d be in a lot of trouble!

We have some of the best, world class defenders around. People who when you say the list of our great players may not get mentioned, but I’ll tell you, people like Mikey Hoare, Dan Shingles they put everything on the line for the boys as do the rest of the squad and even the ones who aren’t here and that’s why we win games, because we want it so much.

The occasion brings out the best in the lads. We stood here two days ago and a lot of people wrote us off. We read what people write and a lot of people didn’t give us a chance. What you saw against Australia was not England hockey. England hockey was today, 18 quality players fighting for each other. We thrive on those situations because we want to prove to everyone how good we are.

The Dutch game? That’s the reason you play hockey. 15,000 people will be watching. It was noisy today so imagine what that’ll be like. What a game. How can you not look forward to that? People will call us the underdogs and people will write us off but if we play like we did today, I’d be scared, if I was the Dutch.

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