Women’s World Cup Final: Quote, unquote.

The Netherlands scooped their eighth world title with a splendid 2-0 win over Australia. Plenty of happy faces and a few sad ones in the mixed zone, but here is what the players and coaches had to say. 
Madonna Blyth, Australia:

Disappointed with the result but they’re a great team who are a little bit better than us. We gave it everything we had we created some good chances but we need to go away and keep improving. We’ve improved a lot and we have a lot to be proud of. We’re playing in the big games all the time, now. We’re not quite there yet but we’re working hard towards it.

Casey Eastham, Australia:
The better team won on the day. We had a game plan which we tried to execute and we stuck to it for the most part but they were just on their game today. Fair credit they were exceptional.

After London we went back to change some of our squad and staff and worked hard on the metal side of our programme and get us back to no1. We’ve seen a remarkable improvement but the Dutch are the benchmark and we need to keep pushing to get to their level.

It’s easier when you get to the gold medal games but the hard work is really paying off. I’m excited about where this group is going and I know we will keep on improving.

Adam Commens, Australia:
We’re very proud of all the girls. A silver medal shows just how far we’ve come since London. We’ve played five tournaments since then and reached the finals of all of them. We’ve had a really good 18 months and we aimed to get to the final here which is what we did. Obviously we knew they’d be a great opponent and they are worthy world champions.

We created chances but we couldn’t take them. If you can get goals on the board it builds pressure on the opposition. We couldn’t build that pressure because we couldn’t take our chances. Today shows that you simply have to take those opportunities when they come.

The gap between the Dutch and the rest of the world is definitely there. It’s getting smaller but they are the best side. We’ve got within range of them both times in this tournament so we’re getting there. I’m excited about the quality of this group and where it is headed, but as you saw today, they are still the benchmark.

Max Caldas, Netherlands:
The moment you get complacent you lose so we try to stay sharp and today the girls played a great game. We could have won by more if we’d played better second half but we played a great team and had a big battle today. Australia are back to where they belong and they made it very hard for us.

Ellen Hoog, Netherlands:
This is the best feeling the best present I could get winning the world cup. We were fitter, stronger and faster and we deserved to win today.

It’s an honour to be named player of the tournament and of course I am happy but I’m happier the team won. A lot of players in our team were great in this tournament so I feel a little uncomfortable to win the award; if I could I would share it with my team.

Tonight we are going to party and see how we feel in the morning!

Joyce Sombroek, Netherlands:
It’s a great feeling. We had a great tournament and the team was very convincing and I’m happy we defended so well and kept so many clean sheets. It’s always nice as a goalkeeper not to concede goals but it’s a team performance and we did very well it’s great to hold the world cup in my hands right now.

The noise is indescribable. The crowd were like our twelfth man standing behind us. They give us a great feeling and we are grateful to them all for their support.

We’re going to party tonight but we are cheering for the men’s team tomorrow as we hope they can win too. We will be in our sunglasses and have hangovers I’m sure but it doesn’t matter!

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