World Cup 2014: Day 7 Quote, Unquote.

A first win for India, first goals for Park Mihyun, an outrageous strike from Kieran Govers and some words from the great Rich Charlesworth. Here’s day seven of the World Cup in quotes.

Park Mihyun, Korea:
I haven’t had as much service as I would have liked in the previous games so today it was great to see more of the ball and get a couple of goals. We knew Belgium would tire and that we needed to be patient and the chances would come.

Marc Lammers, Belgium:
We are scoring plenty of goals which I am very pleased about but we are conceding a lot too. We will have a look at that before we face England.

Sardar Singh, India:
We are improving with every game and starting to consistently produce good hockey. It’s great to win for the first time in the competition, too.

Bobby Crutchley, England:
Overall Australia were excellent and that’s why they were the clear winners. We didn’t start well and that’s frustrating. When you’re forced to chase the game against someone like Australia it becomes harder and harder. When you’re chasing you are sometimes not quite good enough on the ball and in those hot conditions it becomes a real struggle. We then lost another goal before half time through a lack of concentration and that really put us on the back foot and under the pump. The good thing is our players really stood up in the second half and worked hard. They stood together which was great but we have to be far better at the start of a game and much more competitive.

Henry Weir, England:
It was a tough game. If you aren’t ready against Australia you get beaten by a few goals. That’s the way it is. It’s not the end of the world; international hockey has ups and downs. This tournament was never going to be a smooth road to success, but if we win the next game it doesn’t matter. We’ll be through to the semis, which is where we want to be.

Our aim is to go out and win every game. Today we weren’t ready from the start of the game and ultimately we paid the price. If you’re chasing the game for the entire first half you won’t have the legs to play well in the second half that’s what happened. We go back to the drawing board and improve on a few things and come out to win against Belgium.

The biggest positive is that after the first half, which was horrendous but our standards we stuck together and worked hard. That’ll be important for the rest of the tournament that we can take a few knocks as a group and still stick together and hopefully come out the other side.

Ric Charlesworth, Australia:
When we came here we would have been happy with a draw because that was enough for us to qualify for the semi-finals. You always want your team to play well. We know how to play our way and we got a good start. The first quarter of the game was a bit of an arm wrestle. We gave away a corner but I think we began to play better. I would have liked us to finish more chances in the second half. I’m happy with the way the team played and happy with how fit the players are. The next game is important for us to play well to prepare for the semi-final.

We played England twice recently at Bisham Abbey on the way here and both times they scored first. One was a bit controversial but we were down both times. You have to deal with those situations. I want us to start well because you can win the game in the first minute as well as the last. I don’t know why everyone always concentrates on the last; you can also score in the first so why wouldn’t you try?

Well, Fergus Kavanagh, on my left here, who is a defender, scored a similar goal to the one Govers scored <Fergus> which was much better! in the Champions Trophy in 2009. It was on the front page of the papers in Melbourne where they’re mad about football so it was a stunning goal too. I was angry with our players earlier in the tournament because with 15 seconds to go they stopped trying to score. When you have the ball with 15 seconds left you have to try and get into the circle and score I was glad Mark threw the pass and the finish was terrific. A great spectacle.

If we aspire to win the tournament then you have to beat the best teams. We understand that.

Kieran Govers, Australia:
The first half was pretty good. We got four goals on the board early and second half we created more opportunities but couldn’t put them away. We’re building and building. We started the tournament pretty slow but now we’re coming to the money end of the competition hopefully we’re hitting some form.

We played England before the world cup and in both games we were down almost straight way. So we had some focus on that today to not let them get the jump on us. We know if you let England in the game they’re a painful team to play against. We got ahead and that was great for us.

I was worried about the keeper coming out and crunching me on my goal but I’m glad George Pinner stayed on his line. You can see from when Knowlsey flicked it it was going to land there. I’m just glad no one was marking me. It’s pretty funny. I was thinking this morning how sick it’d be to score a goal from a ball that didn’t touch the pitch in the attacking half and then it happened. I’ll have look at it a few times when I get back to the hotel but that one’s in the memory bank.

Anita Punt, New Zealand:
It was hard to break them down but we were patient and got the goals we needed in the end. It was a solid performance but obviously we need to build on it and try to make the semi-finals.

Joyce Sombroek, Netherlands:
We’re really happy. It was a tough game and we had to fight for it. At the start Australia were better and had a lot of chances. We couldn’t really put the pressure on them so we were glad to get to half time 0-0. We changed a few things tactically at the break and we said we had to fight harder to show we wanted to win and make sure we were proactive instead of reactive. It’s great we scored twice and we kept a clean sheet too.

I’m happy to help the team but it’s also good if I have nothing to do. I prefer it if we play well and score a lot but have no shots against us. I’m glad to help us to win the fourth game and I’m looking forward to the next.

The crowd is crazy. You really notice the noise when I make a save or when we score the noise really helps us. At the end you walk around the pitch and see all the orange and hear the noise it gives you goosebumps.


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