World Cup 2014: Day Four, Quote, Unquote.

Drama, tension and plenty of goals on day four of the Rabobank World Cup. Find out what the players and the coaches made of it all.

Marie Mavers, Germany:
It was important to get a win and we’re pleased to have done it. It’s a great feeling to score two goals in such a cool stadium and I’m already looking forward to the next game. We love tournaments like these and we’re getting better with each game. We hope to continue to improve and to progress further.

Jason Lee England:
That’s two games running now that we’ve had three times as many circle entries as the opposition. For 60 circle entries we’ve only scored one goal and for 20 against we’ve conceded five, which makes life very difficult. For long periods I felt we just needed to get one goal from the chances we were creating. As the game progressed the nerves amongst the players grew and of course the result of the first game made them even more tentative. I think if we’d got an early goal we’d have found it quite an easy game.

The first goal by the Chinese was fantastic, it really was excellent. Then they scored from a corner straight after that and all our confidence drained. China put up a wall against us and some of their defence was excellent. They took their chances well.

The players put their heart and soul into the game. Ultimately it is my job to get them ready to play and take their chances. We’ll be looking at that. How are the chances created and what can we do to help the girls to take them?

There’s nothing more motivating than staring over a precipice. When you’re on the edge of a cliff there’s only one way to go. It’s pretty bad now. I’ve been in the game a long time but this is as bad as I’ve known things to be. If we don’t start to win games and manage to progress it will be even worse. That’s quite a motivating factor.

The stats from the games suggest we should have won both quite easily. I’m surprised we’re in this position but you sometimes need a bit of luck to get that ball over the line. If we’d have scored early it would’ve been a different story. The same happened against America. We went behind from two corners but created so many chances. If we keep creating them we have a chance but I am surprised things haven’t gone well on that front.

Kate Richardson-Walsh, England:
We prepared professionally as we always do and did our homework on the opposition. I’m just devastated. There are still a lot of games to go in the tournament but I think one thing we pride ourselves on is fight and I think we’ve been lacking a bit of that. As Jason said, we are getting opportunities but we aren’t taking them. I hold my hands up as it is me and everyone else in the team who are responsible. We need to be hard and honest with each other and come out for the rest of this tournament and play like an England team play.

Markus Wiese, Germany:
We deserved to lose today. We didn’t create enough chances and we didn’t threaten their goal. Our build up was poor and lots of things were missing from the performance. If you don’t create chances you can’t score. The Dutch played very well against Argentina and we didn’t. Holland are probably the top team at the tournament.

Luciana Aymar, Argentina:
It is a shame we could not keep the pressure on and keep the lead. We felt we played better than our first game against South Africa even though the result might not show this.

Lauren Crandall, USA:
Craig Parnham is pretty humble about what he’s done and his coaching but he has come in and completely changed the culture of our team. We now go onto the field and really believe we can get a result and we believe we can compete with anyone.

Jaap Stockmann, Netherlands:
We knew they would be hard to break down so it was important we didn’t give them anything. They are quick and pose a threat on the break but we are really pleased to get the win. Seeing that winning goal go in was a huge relief.

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